Multi Method Modeling

Discrete Event Simulation

System Dynamics

Agent Based Modeling

Predictably Irrational : The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely

A must read book to discover why we don't do what we want to do, how our emotions affect our decision making, impact of the word FREE on us etc.

Web link for very good Object Oriented Analysis and Design Example

Programming Notes from NTU, Singapore

खेल खेल में सीखें

10  Great Learning Apps for Your Smartphone

1. Duolingo - for learning Spanish and French. Bite size colorful tutorials.

2. Lynda - for learning skills like graphic design, 3D animation, and photography

3. Instructables - online community for kids to share their creative DIY projects

4. Kobo ebooks - free and affordable ebooks including comics

5. Wolfram | Alpha - Computational knowledge engine to generate answers and reports in no time

6. Words By Post Free - Cross-platform word playing with opponents across the globe

7. Marble Solitaire - 12 board layouts to play by jumping to other marbles until one left

8. Zynpo Chess - Multiplayer Chess game

9. Mini Carrom - Win by pocketing coins and chasing queen

10. Paint - Convert your phone into canvas

(As published in Air India Magazine Swagatam, June 2015 issue)