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10  Great Learning Apps for Your Smartphone

1. Duolingo - for learning Spanish and French. Bite size colorful tutorials.

2. Lynda - for learning skills like graphic design, 3D animation, and photography

3. Instructables - online community for kids to share their creative DIY projects

4. Kobo ebooks - free and affordable ebooks including comics

5. Wolfram | Alpha - Computational knowledge engine to generate answers and reports in no time

6. Words By Post Free - Cross-platform word playing with opponents across the globe

7. Marble Solitaire - 12 board layouts to play by jumping to other marbles until one left

8. Zynpo Chess - Multiplayer Chess game

9. Mini Carrom - Win by pocketing coins and chasing queen

10. Paint - Convert your phone into canvas

(As published in Air India Magazine Swagatam, June 2015 issue)